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good morning. 5:01 on this tuesday. i'm kristen sze. i'm terry mcsweeney in for eric thomas. hope your day is to have to a great start. chilly when i walked out the door. another top american general caught up in the scandal that ended the career of cia director petraeus. the pentagon is investigating. >> reporter: in a new twist to the david petraeus sex scandal the pentagon says the top american commander in afghanistan general john allen, is under investigation for sending allegedly improper e-mails to jill kelley the florida woman who triggered the investigation that forced petraeus to resign. pentagon is reviewing between
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20 and 30,000 documents involved, allen denies any wrongdoing and remains in his current position. late monday, agents spent five hours at the home of petraeus' former mistress, paula broadwell leaving this morning with several boxes after the fbi told abc news they discovered thousands of e-mails between broadwell and petraeus, detailing the affair. the affair came to light over the summer as part of an fbi investigation that began after jill kelley received threatening e-mails she believed were from broadwell. officials say well had classified material on her computer which is illegal, the fbi does not believe any of it came from petraeus, no charges have been filed against her. controversy over how the investigation was conned has engulfed washington. conduct -- congress wants to know why the fbi and the attorney general waited until this past wednesday to notify the white house? justice officials maintain there was no politics
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involved. rob nelson, abc news, new york. founder of mcafee security software john mcafee is wanted for the murder of a neighbor in belize where he lives. this morning he has disappeared gone into hiding. police say his 52-year-old neighbor another american was found with a gunshot wound to the head in the town of san pedro if a bizarre series of interviews, mcafee claims he's innocent and hiding from police out of fear they will kill him. >> before in incident happened over the weekend, mcafee had taken himself to a dark place, very estranged from the people who care about him. he became estranged from society. >> john mcafee is no long we are the company it is owned by
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intel ii the mother of a preschool student in petaluma is accused of targeting her child's teachers and repeatedly stealing their wallets martin faces 10 felony charges. two teachers at the preschool notice wallets and money missing from purses left in the classroom. martin has admitted to the crimes. this morning at 9:00, contra costa county coroner will hold and quest into the death of an antioch man killed in a shootout with police at home in john. denny gonzales repeatedly called -- 911 from his phone on june 28th. he told dispatchers he was going to kill himself and a police officer or might have already killed one. he came out of his home with a gun, fired a single shot, several officers returned fire, killing him. highway patrol investigating road rage
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incident in the east bay. two vehicles crashed on greenwood drive in contra costa county. chp says the drivers got out and started arguing. the driver of the lexus was armed, he took off running. the driver of the pick up chased him on foot and was shot a few block as way newly elected bay area councilmember in intensive care treated for meningitis. gary bell is you ever something a setback after winning a seat on the council last week. he got sick days before the election was able to leave the hospital to attend his victory party. he's -- >> today california state university leaders are considering what to do about undergrads who overstay their welcome they are called super seniors. the board is expected to discuss a proposal to charge
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hefty fees for students who have completed five years of fulltime graduate work. the board is expected to vote on the proposal tomorrow. san mateo police starting new program to prevent traffic, bike and pedestrian injuries and death. department has received a $60,000 grant from california to fund special activities for one year, cracking down on -- the department plans to identify the worst dui offenders, conduct stakeouts and revoke licenses. another delay in opening of tunnel. 300 million dollar project was supposed to be finished in 2010. caltrans estimated late 2012 opening. now it says the tunnel won't open until the first quarter of next year. the contractor needs more time
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for inspections and testing. baseball write areas association of america will announce -- the giants' manager bochy took his team to a second world series win in three seasons, elevating to one of the top managers and melvin in the running for american league top manager. took unknown players and got them into the league championship series. >> who else could get it other than bochy? >> the voting takes place the end of the season not the regular season not the end of everything. right now you have to sabo for sure. -- you have to say bochy for sure. 5:07. [ unintelligible ]
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more like football weather, good morning 5:08, here's live doppler, no clouds out there, over top of us except high clouds over top of the radar, no radar returns off to a dry start, air mass has modified as we talked about it would with yesterday's?> warmer temperatures this morning warmer temperatures only mid to upper 70sñvr0 fairfield and napa, close around concord and livermore 40 los gatos may dip into the 30s briefly frost not out there like it has been 52 san francisco. whatever the temperature is, is what it feels like. most of us in the low to mid 40s through 7:00, 60 at noon, low to mid 60s 4:00 in the mid 50s at 7:00, more high clouds and sunshine than we did
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yesterday. showers possible thursday in the forecast, cooler after today. good morning. tuesday, commute getting off to a good start 80, 880 or 580 towards the macarthur maze, clear flowing nicely into the bay bridge toll light no problems on the upper deck through the tunnel into san francisco 580 before mountain house parkway four cars left lane blocking once you get past that drive westbound 580 at the limit to the altamont up and over into the dublin pleasanton area "sig alert" in the ben lomond area santa cruz mountains highway 9 closed between upper and lower glen arbor accident has wires down in the road, outage in the area as well. debris north 101 shoreline boulevard cleared still slow there with cars with flat
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tires on the side of the road construction northbound 101 at kehoe through san mateo. a look at your waze app, 580 accident towards mountain house parkway slow traffic there with your traffic spotters this free app can help you navigate around accidents and jams. did i mention it is free? >> we have breaking news. daly city, right now water main break shutting down streets and flooding cars. that is in daly city's hillside park area. reports there's mud coming down the hill and questions raised over whether that water is coming from a reservoir nearby. there is some sort of flooding reported due to some possible water main break. we are getting more information we'll have more coming up with a crew headed out there later. 5:11.
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can you get the best bargains on black friday? depends on what you are looking for. we'll have tips, next. total solar eclipse in a few hours, not here we'll tell you how you can still watch it, live. first this morning's money report. >> reporter: good morning. dramatic reversal on oil, international energy agency predicts u.s. will be the world's top oil producer in five years all but self-sufficient in energy in 20 years, major reason increased production of shale oil we are doing better with keeping up with mortgage payments. percentage of those two months or more behind is now the lowest in more than three years. top british journal says no evidence tamiflu works. dozens of governments around the world stopped it in case there's another global flu outbreak world health organization is convinced it works the journal
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beautiful picture from the sutro tower. high clouds and sun warmer weather on the way. chevron has found a way to get around costly clean air requirements. the plant was damaged in august by a fire that sent a black cloud into the air several thousand sought
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medical attention. chevron has told the air quality management district it intends to repair not replace the damaged unit that means they will not be required to install new equipment chevron says it will voluntarily reduce its emissions with people looking for a job may find help at a job fair in concord today sponsored by abc 7 and the job journal it will take place at center concord 5298 clayton road from noon until 4:00. public and private sector employers will be on hand. if you are looking to get the most for your toy dollar, retail tracking site says buy two weeks before the holiday, same with christmas decorations closer you get to the big day cheaper the decorations become. as for tv's buy the off brands
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on black friday great deal if you want the brand names wait until january or february, that's when they are priced the best. if you have your heart set on an ipad, buy on black friday itself if you want a mini at a discount, you have to wait four or five months. >> whole new respect for you terry. mothertrend has named car of the year tesla taking home the big prize the first without a combustible engine to be named motortrend car of the year the magazine raved about the smooth ride, cargo space and energy efficiency. equivalent of 118 miles per gallon. mothertrend said it is one of the quickest american four-doors ever built. tens of thousands waiting anxiously across northern australia to find out whether clouds will part in time for a total eclipse of the sun. it will begin after sunrise in
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australia 12:30 our team, meteorologists are predicting clouds along the coast that could spoil the view. totality, the darkness that happens at the peak of the eclipse will last a little over two minutes. go to and click on see it on tv. aaa set to release holiday forecast this morninå#. other recent estimates indicate this will be a heavy travel season because of the improveing economy. aaa will also tell us what to expect in the way of gas prices, air fares and hotel costs. gas prices are looking better. >> much better. $3.75 where i get mine, 75 cents less than it was at its peak. >> my parents are driving from atlanta that cost them a lot,
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i'm glad to see it go down. more for the grandchildren. >> good, i was trying to save you. >> i appreciate it. 5:18. good morning, beautiful picture from vollmer peak, emeryville, berkeley, port of oakland to san francisco. still looks clean this morning. live doppler 7 hd spinning up on mount st. helena waiting for that next storm going to have to wait a couple more days stretch of dry weather today and tomorrow before showers start too come in thursday. a few more 30s now fairfield third four, concord and santa rosa -- 30 fine, 40 los gatos everybody else in the 40s san francisco 51°. 37 in monterey, cool spot
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around the bay and inland 40s santa cruz, watsonville, near 50 salinas, 38 gilroy. in the afternoon another day of needing the sunglasses, high clouds and sun more than yesterday warmest day tomorrow, then cooler with unsettled weather thursday flew the back half of the seven day forecast. today -- from one degree warmer in oakland and santa rosa, five degrees warmer this in concord san francisco six in san jose nine in fremont this afternoon. fremont 69 with san jose most of us in the mid to upper 60s around the bay shore and inland 60s along the coast, low to mid 60s, significantly warmer than yesterday. mid 60s to 70 monterey bay inland 69 to 71°. tonight only a few 30s more 40s as this cold air mass continues to modify, 40s inland low 50s around the bay
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and to the coast. high pressure is starting to establish itself, pushed the storm track far enough north that is bringing in extra sun and modifying air mass this dip towards the left of the screen, that's our next system going to pull in as we head towards thursday into friday. for now one system well up to the north. if you are heading to the northernxy part of the state you are going to run into showers and mountain snows today. we have to wait a couple more days, warmer tomorrow, 70s from the coast, mid 60s, increasing clouds thursday, temperatures drop back four degrees, back a couple more friday with showers still have a small chance of showers saturday sunday is going to be the weather of the day this weekend, -- the wettest of the day this weekend. another chance of shower monday terra linda san rafael camera looking south from freitas parkway southbound
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tail lights towards lincoln past north san pedro light through marin to the golden gate bridge to the san mateo bridge a little busy towards the highrise westbound no major delays as you go from hayward towards foster city both directions san mateo bridge looking good westbound 4 first reports of accident at somersville involving as many as eight cars off on the left lane you will find slowing there hopefully chp gets that cleared. "sig alert" westbound 580 before mountain house parkway multiple cars left lane blocked they've just closed eastbound 580 to get a medical helicopter to land on the freeway. big problems out of the tracy area westbound and eastbound 580. wanted to show you the waze app looking at that highway 4 accident westbound somersville traffic spotters saying heavy traffic and accident in the left lane. the waze app is free,
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available on the app store and google play. >> latin america leaders say the legalization of marijuana in the united states could put a crimp in their fight against drug trafficking. leaders of mexico, honduras, costa rica, and belize are yf$ the impact of votes. top adviser to mexico's incoming president said, we can't handle a product that is illegal in mexico trying to stop its transfer to the united states when in at least part of the united states has a different status. better stop the jokes about female drivers not that you made any terry. new study shows more women have drivers licenses than men. the trend is fueled by a big decline in young men getting licenses between 1995 and 2010. researchers say this trend is
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likely to lead to safer, smaller and more fuel efficient cars, fewer miles driven and lower fatality rates. >> it wasn't all women, it was just some women. it appears we are getting more stupid. human beings have been dumbing down for thousands of years and will only grow dimmer down the road many advances in society have made survival less stressful that has lead to mutations in the human brain and erosion in electric wall and emotional capabilities. the -- >> i'm sorry we have different stress these days, imagine trying to tweet while cooking breakfast and driving at the same time. >> smartphones, you understand. a group of east bay teenaged dancers about to perform in front of millions in macy's parade.
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elimination night on "dancing with the stars." who may be about to hang up their dancing shoes.
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welcome back. clear this morning cool 30s and 40s 51 in san francisco. 5:27. a group of east bay teenaged dancers is about to perform in front of millions in macy's thanksgiving day parade. ♪ ♪ >> this is what these dancers will be doing in the new york city parade. the girls say they are super excited their routine will be part of a 500 member dance showcase. >> we are going to be in a tight clump so when everybody is doing it all together it is going to look awesome especially with so many people. >> i'm nervous but really excited. ♪ >> the students have to pay their own way so that i been doing fundraising this is the
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second time the dance studio has been invited to appear in the parade. two couples go home on "dancing with the stars." melissa and her partner tony ruled the ballroom with two perfect scores. we know it is fans who will have the final say on this one. how will they vote? stay tuned. breaking news in daly city. a water main break is causing major flooding. the latest coming up. scandal involving a sex club causes major shake-up at port of oakland. car plunges into the reservoir in the north bay. mystery highway patrol is trying to solve. concord starting at 70°, sunshine, thin clouds and mid 60s throughout the afternoon. make sure you have a coat this evening high clouds and a
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little starry weather and
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breaking news out of daly city water main break shutting down streets and flooding cars near clayton court in the hillside park area. word there could be mud coming down the hills and possibly water may be coming from a reservoir. there is a water source and there's flooding and could be evacuations of some of the neighbors. amy hollyfield is on the way there now. we are going to have more information coming up later. new developments in the case of former cia director david petraeus. another high ranking military
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official in the mix and the woman with whom petraeus had an affair is under intense investigation. katie marzullo joins us from the newsroom with more on that. >> reporter: paula broadwell is in hiding, petraeus' mistress. there are new players. jill kelley is a married social planner tampa, a petraeus family friend who blew the whistle on the affair. it turns out she might be involved in her own scandal. the fbi is investigating e-mail sent between kelley and the top u.s. commander in afghanistan general john allen. 20 to 30,000 pages of e-mails over the last two years described as potentially inappropriate. adultery is a crime in the military. general petraeus says his affair with broadwell did not start until after he left afghanistan. broadwell's co-author on the petraeus biography said he never suspect add affair but was curious about something else.
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>> what was a question in my mind was why general petraeus was granting paula broadwell the kind of access he granted her. >> reporter: last night fbi agents searched broadwell's home in north carolina. they won't say what they found. retired army colonel tells "the new york times" ' wife of 38 years, holly, is not exactly pleased right now, a quote. also furious would be an understatement. the fbi agent in florida who jill kelley went to with the so-called threatening e-mails from petraeus' mistress has been taken off the case accused of sending revealing pictures of himself to kelley. allen will keep his job now but his nomination for commander of the european command is on hold. katie marzullo, abc7 news. the family of a san jose marine is trying to understand
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why he was shot and killed by police over the weekend in palm springs. police are trying to understand his behavior leading up to the shooting. corporal devillena was shot and killed in a parking garage police say he and his friend began yelling derogatory comments towards two officers on bike patrol the officers instructed devillena to turn off his car, police say he refused which promised one of the officers to climb through his passenger window police say that's when delittle leno stepped on the gas, -- >> to serve his country and comes home and gets shot, unfortunate. >> during his four years with the marines, the corporal had been sent overseas, including afghanistan. his sudden death over the weekend makes it hard for those who knew him to process what happened in palm springs. s are trying to determine
5:35 am
what caused the driver of a pick-up truck to -- veer into a reservoir killing the 70-year-old driver. witnesses saw him weaving 6:00 last night it crashed into a guardrail rolled over it and plunged into the reservoir. the dive team saw the headlights on in 15 feet of water they pulled the driver free but it was too late to save him. >> one confirmed person driving the vehicle as diseased he has not been identified yet. we are waiting from the coroner -- for the coroner. >> divers continued to search the water to make sure there were no other victims. port of oakland's executive director has stepped down in the midst of a strip club stepping scandal, a story you saw first here. omar benjamin provided a statement, he accepts responsibility for his actions
5:36 am
and apologizes he was on leave following allegations that one of his top aides spent $4500 in public money at a houston strip club, benjamin was among those at the club. tonight moraga school board trustees will consider changes to the policy on child abuse working for months on language to satisfy state law which requires teachers and officials to report suspected abuse also discussing a lawsuit filed against the district in september by a former middle school student. cunnane a uc berkeley swim coach was repeatedly molested by to teachers during the 90s beginning when she was 12-years-old. last month the district claimed she was careless and contributed to her own abuse they later withdrew that opinion with the woman accused of abandoning her 10-year-old daughter at a safeway in september is due to end a plea
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today. she was arrested days later at a nevada hotel. she was indicted and handed over to the santa clara county deputies. police say the 38-year-old left her 10-year-old daughter behind when she was caught shop litting a cart of groceries. hercules city council set to vote on a draft resolution that would censure one of its members accusing her of unethical conduct and abuse of power when she allegedly pressured a pinole city engineer to stop a hercules resident from criticizing her on a blog in june that resident works for an engineering firm designing a joint hercules pinole waste water treatment plan. she went to the officials of the firm to stop his blogs. she apologized in september. mike nicco is in the giving spirit already, the holiday spirit he has a already something for everyone out there. >>
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[ unintelligible ] >> radar -- yes, okay, good, good, good morning everybody [ unintelligible ] good news for the morning commute, it is dry, not nearly as cold as it has been stem for a few spots, 39 in santa rosa now, 34 fairfield, 39 in concord, everybody else in the 40s to 51 the warp spot in santa rosa winds six miles per hour in napa, breath in concord three miles per hour same at half moon bay three of a wind chill out there. high clouds and sunshine, more high clouds than yesterday, 40s this morning, near 60 at
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noon. mid 50s 7:00, definitely coat weather during the evening hours. tomorrow warmest day, 70s away from the coast, showers will start moving into the northern part of our neighborhoods thursday the rest of us will get cooling showers few day. good morning. happy tuesday, now to the bay bridge, traffic light heading into san francisco, no delays, no metering lights yet no problems from the incline or into san francisco. we have a couple of major problems westbound 4 somersville multi-car accident blocking left lane get off at 10 -- pardon me a street and then around to 10th to avoid this. otherwise, very slow traffic in the ben lomond area of highway 17 on the santa cruz mountains i should say highway 9 continues to be closed due to power poles down from an accident between 8 and 9:00 this morning "sig alert" there and "sig alert" in the central
5:40 am
valley problem westbound 580 past mountain house parkway with a serious accident they have eastbound 580 shutdown entirely so a helicopter can get those folks out of there. alternate would be 5 to 205. navigate your compute with this waze app. -- your commute with this waze app. frightening encounter from oakland's occupy demonstrators. what was this about? midnight release that had hundreds lining up in the co
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quiet hardly a cloud to be found dry for the morning commute, right now san jose low 40s, you need a nice-sized coat, 60s this afternoon possibly 70s tomorrow. 5:43. two people hit by a car during an occupy protest in oakland are suing bart and the oakland police department. lawyers for the two say it has been a year since the incident and police have not taken action. cell phone video shows a mercedes driving through a crowd of protesters, hitting
5:44 am
both, had to have surgeries and still in therapy. >> normal circumstances if somebody hits somebody, they go to jail. what was it about this situation that was so different? >> i don't know what is going on. it is confusing, depressing, disturbing. >> oakland police let the driver leave the scene. police say they've opened an investigation but attorneys for the two say they've heard nothing from police, neither bart nor oakland police are commenting. numbers are in from the newest mall and they staggering, paragon outlet mall in livermore, reports 350,000 shoppers and record-setting sales during its four-day open weekend. parking lots -- auxillary parking lots open ordered to accommodate some were stuck in traffic 45 minutes a mall spokesman expects things to calm down for the rest of the week. gaming industry is hoping the release of black ops 2
5:45 am
will turn around declining sales. the 9th release in the series has gamers excited about better graphics and futuristic theme. the game is designed for x-box 360, playstation 3 and microsoft windows. industry group says overall u.s. sales of video game gear has declined for 11 straight months. many say they've been waiting for big holiday releases like this to jump in and spend money. starbucks unveiling newbie one get one free new bloomberg report is next. >> thank is 11 days way, the cupboards are almost bare, next what you can do to help feed thousands of our neighbors in need. soda pop
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>> time for your california forecast. radar showing a few showers to the north moving to the northeast away from us. if you are heading towards eureka possibly chico, reading higher elevations mount shasta valley rain possibly mountain snow a warm system 68
5:49 am
sacramento and fresno, 61 yosemite, 77 san diego, low to mid 80s around palm springs and los angeles. high school hockey teams in pennsylvania are being advised to stop playing the national anthem at games the decision has nothing to do with patriotism. the organization that oversees the team says, it is because the singing takes up too much time and could cost money. the commissioner points out the teams aren't prohibited from playing the anthem just discouraged. because of community backlash they will have another meeting to talk about it. food banks are struggling to meet the need of thanksgiving many facing severe turkey shortage pleading for help. league of volunteers says their pantry is practically bare for the 24th year the organization plans to put on one of the largest thanksgiving day dinners in the east became other
5:50 am
organizations reporting shortages because the food banks that supply them also need more turkeys like second harvest of santa clara county, which serves 750 organizations. turkeys can be dropped off at the bank's center in san jose, san carlos, second harvest has extended hours to make donating easier we have the times on under see it on tv. while you are there, you are going to find information on our share your holiday food drive coming up december 12th, the abc7 news team will be broadcasting live taking donations we have locations on our website. >> the food donations will be great. soon we'll be talking about the coat donations as the weather starts to turn colder. >> we have a up of cold so it is on people's mind now, going to get a little warmer, of course colder again.
5:51 am
this morning looking down from mount tamalpais tiburon, belvedere, sausalito, angel island, alcatraz, oakland, san francisco, i can keep going you can see a lot of visibility this morning, doppler dry, checking out that dry air picking up clouds out over the ocean, high clouds streaming over top of us again today, going to be the weather story another bright day on the way with warmer weather right now chilly fairfield, concord, santa rosa, mid to upper 30s rest of us 40s, san francisco 51. monterey bay microclimates 42 watsonville, santa cruz, gilroy 38, salinas 49. today mostly sunny and we'll build on that warmth from yesterday, we'll climax that warmth tomorrow before and you cemented pattern develops
5:52 am
thursday into fry -- before an unsettled pattern develops thursday into fray did. napa high 66, 65 san francisco, live more 68 -- oakland 67, redwood city 68, most of us in the mid to upper 70s around the bay and inland, 60s along the coast today low to mid 60s there, monterey bay temperatures in the 60s until you get to watsonville inland salinas and hollister 70 to 71°. fairfield 39 tonight everybody else 40s to 50s around the bay shore to the coast. temperatures coming up overnight also. jet stream still north, good news it going to stay there until at least thursday then a storm system weak one will roll in bring a chance of showers better chance for all of us friday, showers, small
5:53 am
chance saturday, better chance of steadier rain sunday into monday those days will be cooler. back to the antioch area, good morning. big problem with multi-car accident westbound 4 somersville to get around this get off at a back on at 10th, past that still looking at a good drive towards concord. santa cruz mountains highway 9, remains closed until 9:00 this morning due to downed power wires between upper and lower glen arbor "sig alert" in effect there and power outage in the area. another problem central valley westbound 580, we'll look at our traffic app, eastbound they had to land a medical helicopter, all lanes 580 near patterson pass road shutdown. eastbound has been reopened. westbound very, very slow multi-cars in the left lane there to get around this if you are headed towards 580,
5:54 am
stay on 5 to 205, that way and the reverse just stay on 205 to 5 to avoid the scene right now backed to state road 132 this app is free. back to the breaking news we've been following in daly city water main break has been causing major flooding. amy hollyfield has just arrived on the scene. are you seeing just water or also mud? >> reporter: it is a disgusting huge mess out here. the problem is we can't get to the source because there is so much mud blocking the road. look right here this even the worst of it and how gross is this for to you come out in the morning and see this waiting for you in your street. this is just a sample. there are cars up closer to the source that are packed in mud. the mud is almost serving as glue or it looks like clay embedded and they are not
5:55 am
going anywhere. when police got the call, they thought maybe it was a water main break they didn't foe what it was. now they are thinking, -- they didn't know what it was. now they are thinking there's a hill and a storm tank like a localized reservoir for the neighborhood. they think that has been leaking. that's a lot of water. the good news is the -- it seems to be more like a trickle, so it looks like the worst is over. we are going to go dig around and have much more for you coming up at 6:00, just' few minutes away. stay with us. -- amy hollyfield, abc7 news. bad news, if you thinking about buying a used car. >> here's jane king. good morning. hostess is shutting plants in cincinnati, st. louis and seattle, permanently because
5:56 am
they couldn't get enough employees to cross the picket line and report for work. hostess is days from shutting down entirely because of the strike. hurricane sandy driving used car prices higher, buyers are already starting to show up at dealers as they seek to replace the 100 to 250,000 vehicles destroy in the storm. used car prices could go up as much as $1,000 a vehicle. >> starbucks getting in the holiday spirit offering a buy one get one free deal on holiday drinks for three days starting thursday in an effort to pull in foot traffic for the holiday. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. we've all her of diet soda, a new pepsi drink claims it can reduce fat levels in your body, pepsi special set to hit the market today in japan the soda is infused with dextrin
5:57 am
the same fiber found in supplements sold in the u.s.. past flavors there include yogurt, strawberry, milk and cucumber. next, we continue to follow our breaking news in daly city, water main break leaves a neighborhood partially underwater and mud. we go live to amy hollyfield at the scene for an update. later, michael finney takes a look
5:58 am
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that breaking news comes from dailiy. live look from our camera -- homes and cars in sticking muddy watery mess as a result of a leak of some sort of water source. you can see results, damaging results there. >> that's not th

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